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Lookup The Real Details About An IP or Domain

Discover the people or organizations behind a domain name or IP. Connect the dots, discovering connections between domains, persons, organizations, IP addresses, etc.


Our proprietary threat intelligence and investigation platform combine enterprise-grade domain and IP based intelligence to provide exhaustive information on IPs, domains, hosts and their infrastructure.

By using data received from a vast array of internet sources and our own comprehensive internal databases we provide real-time data and threat analysis. Our business APIs built on top of this providing meticulous details which should be the building block of any companies threat detection and prevention.

Threat intelligence updated every 60 seconds.

Our continuously updated datastreams provide sites owners, system administrators, network managers, and security practitiioners with in-depth analysis data of IPs and domains. Including reputation scores, threat status and analysis, geographic location and other key WhoIs information.

Whois Records

Go beyond ordinary Whois to discover the people or organizations behind a domain name or IP address.

IP Address

'Connect the dots', discovering connections between domains, persons, organizations, IP addresses, etc.

Domain Name

Protect tangible and digital assets and intellectual property against cybercrime, brand fraud, and theft.

Working for a safer web

By providing and sharing in-depth intelligence for improving security efficacy and efficiency, we hope we will encourage cooperation among everyone who works to make the internet a safer place to do business.

IP Location

Find a geolocation of an IP address including latitude, longitude, city, region and country. Data gathered and double checked from multiple sources. We aim to make the fastest and most comprehensive IP lookup tool.

Cyber Fingerprint

Using our 'Cyber Fingerprint' technology assess security threats, profile attackers, investigate online fraud, and map cyberactivity. Our platform is a critical ingredient in threat investigation and mitigation.

Threat Hunting

Proactive hunting using Domain and DNS Profile info. Identify and block attackers before they act by improved detection of advanced threats, followed by reduced investigation time, and saved time not having to manually correlate events.

The Best Data Gives You The Best Answers

Put the world’s fastest and more comprehensive domain and IP profile information at your fingertips including passive DNS data from IPWatson and other top-tier providers.

IP Data

IP address data including detailed threat status and analysis, geographic location, and virtually hosted domains on the IP address. All verified by multiple data sources.

A Huge Shift In The Economics of Analysis

The expense of hiring external expertise to do data and threat analysis has been prohibitive. We change this equation, enabling high-confidence at costs far below traditional means.

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